I’m also the creator and host of a weekly podcast show called “The Truth About Business” and I invite you to listen to one of my brilliant business interviews with an outstanding collection of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs and high performance people.

Throughout the series I’ve been joined by some of the top entrepreneurs not just in the Midlands, but in the UK having featured the likes of Susan Hallam MBE of Hallam, Dean Jackson of HUUB and Graham Mulholland of the Mulholland Group who have all shared the incredible stories behind their journey, the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons they’ve learned along the way to serve as inspiration, motivation and an amazing first-hand business education.

As well as being featured on BBC Radio, the show is five-star rated and has appeared in the iTune top 25 UK entrepreneur charts. So what are you waiting for? Check out my latest interviews in the articles below and subscribe through your favourite podcasting app including iTunes, Google, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube!

"Ben is an astute interviewer, and skillfully guided our conversation around some of the most challenging issues I faced as an entrepreneur. Insightful questions and warm conversation helped me to reflect upon and share some of my most important lessons as a business leader."

Susan Hallam MBE

"The interview with Ben was great to be involved with. As well as speaking on my own personal experience of growing a business, it was almost a chance as well to share things I have had on my mind, but never really spoke out in public before. It's a great chance to share my experiences with others, and hopefully make an impact on someone who is already in business, or is just starting out."

Mark Averill

'AV IT Media
“I was petrified about revealing so much about myself, but I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. It made me realise just how much I have achieved, as well as how much more I have to give. I finished the podcast feeling inspired. If Ben invites you to talk about ’The Truth about Business' - do it!”

Yvonne Gorman

Essential Print Services
"Being interviewed for Ben’s podcast was brilliant personal development in itself. I learnt so much as a result of his great questions. Ben is so professional at whatever he does and I highly recommend being a guest on his show’

Estelle Read

"Being interviewed for The Truth About Business was a great experience. I wasn't sure that I really had anything to offer, but it was great to talk through some of the challenges that having a business throws up; if this is useful to others that are just starting out or who are thinking of setting up a business then that's fantastic. I'm excited to be involved in such a great project, and if Ben asks you to be interviewed - then DO IT"

Sarah Moore

Juggling Octopus
"Being on The Truth About Business was fantastic. It isn't often that I get asked to talk about my own business journey, as we are so busy promoting everyone else's journey! It really allowed me to take stock and see how far we have come as a business and it was great fun!"

Tina Clough

Poppy PR


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I work with ambitious, driven and already successful entrepreneurs, business owners and executives to give them the tools and systems they need to take it to the next level.


I work with ambitious, driven and already successful entrepreneurs, business owners and executives to give them the clarity, focus, action-plan and accountability they need to take it to the next level. Book Your 1-2-1 High Performance Strategy Session Today.